How Long is the Peeling Process After a Chemical Peel?

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If you're looking to refresh your complexion and give your skin a smooth, new glow, a chemical peel is an excellent, noninvasive rejuvenating option.

At Alaska Med Spa & Chiropractic, esthetician Melissa Mobley offers the PRX-T33 chemical peel to help patients in Anchorage, AK reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles, uneven skin, and hyperpigmentation, all with minimal downtime.

Keep reading to learn about the PRX-T33 skin peel and how it helps patients beautify their skin without all the messy peeling.

How can a chemical peel help my skin?

Most skin care products simply target the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin). However, chemical peels target deeper layers of skin (aka the dermis) since that's where most skin issues originate.

By targeting the dermis, medical-grade chemical peels such as the one offered at Alaska Med Spa & Chiropractic can have more drastic and longer-lasting effects on issues such as:

- Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes

- Acne scars and other mild scarring

- Age and sun spots

- Freckles

- Dark spots (melasma)

- Dull skin

- Dehydrated skin

- Uneven skin texture

What to expect after a chemical peel

Some people choose not to have a medical-grade chemical peel because they don't want to go through the peeling stage. Most chemical peels destroy the epidermis (or the outermost layer of skin) in order to reach the dermis. However, Melissa offers the PRX-T33 chemical peel, which reaches the dermis without disturbing the outer layer of the skin.

After a typical chemical peel, patients normally experience skin flaking due to an additive called trichloroacetic acid (TCA). TCA is beneficial since it stimulates the growth of new cells, but what's unique about the PRX-T33 chemical peel is that it also contains kojic acid and hydrogen peroxide to avoid flaking. This lets the TCA do its job while you experience less downtime.

How long does skin peel after a chemical peel?

A regular medical chemical peel results in roughly 2 – 5 days of skin flaking, during which patients need to be extremely careful not to pick at or irritate their skin. It may take 7 – 14 days for the skin to heal fully.

But that's not the case with the PRX-T33 chemical peel. PRX-T33 is formulated to rebuild healthy skin cells and boost collagen and elastin production to help perfect your skin without damaging the epidermis and causing it to peel.

When will I be able to see the results from my chemical peel?

Most patients see the best results after the PRX-T33 chemical peel if they follow a regimen of one peel every four weeks with touch-up appointments every 3 – 6 months, as needed. However, depending on your unique needs, you may only need 2 – 3 treatments with follow-ups every 6 – 12 months.

You will see some skin tightening almost immediately after the procedure, but significant results typically occur one week after the first or second treatment.

PRX-T33 can also be used on the neck, chest, back, hands, and legs.

Get a chemical peel with less downtime in Anchorage, AK

Are you interested in a chemical peel in the Anchorage, AK area but don't want to put up with the downtime involved in traditional peels? Melissa Mobley at Alaska Med Spa & Chiropractic can examine your skin and tell you what type of chemical peel is right for you.

Simply schedule a consultation to see if the PRX-T33 chemical peel is right for your skin and unique aesthetic concerns.

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